How To Activate Your New Credit Card?

After getting your new credit card on your hands, the next step is the activation.

Card activation is necessary for the removal of restrictions on the performance of operations on it, which sets by the bank when issuing the credit card. Activation is free. Until the card is not activated, it will be impossible to use.

Some banks sends credit cards in the mail. Activation of a credit card, thus obtained, is considered by banks as acceptance condition of its provision and maintenance.

Having received such a card in the mail before you activate it, first carefully read the information contained in the accompanying letter, contract, etc. Terms and activation procedure should be described in the letter.

Credit Card Can Be Activated In Several Ways:

1. To Activate the credit card, you can use the ATM

Find any ATM, insert the receiving slit your credit card (hologram up and towards you), and then follow the menu by clicking on the desired side keys or the numeric keypad. Hint: If you get lost in the menu and want to discontinue communication with ATM, to start over, press the [X] (Cancel) and take out a credit card receiving slot. better to use an ATM, standing in the bank and not on the street. First, in the office there is always one to turn to in case of technical failure, and secondly, there are no elements guaranteed spyware removal information.

2. Credit card can be activated through telephone answering machine.

You need to make a call from a phone to the bank assigned phone number, and follow the virtual voice guidelines to activate your credit card.

3. Activate the credit card by customer care service

Make a call to the customer care number assigned by the bank, and answer to all the specific questions and ask the operator to activate your credit card.

4. Activate credit card with SMS commands.

With the number assigned by the bank, you need to send an SMS to the specific number with command: ACTIVE + XXXX (where XXXX – means the last 4 digits of your credit card Pin).

How do I know that the activation was successful?

Depending on the manner in which the user chooses to activate the credit card, he should get a message about the successful operation: the successful message on the ATM monitor, SMS alert or voice confirmation of the operator.

And, Do not forget to have a new credit card pin number by changing the default one which was provided by the bank.

After activation, you must sign in the card on the reverse side of it in the place signature of the card holder.