Mortgage Calculator | Mortgage Installment Calculation

Mortgage Calculator | Mortgage Installment Calculation

Mortgage Installment Calculation – Mortgage Calculator – If you have been planning to buy a house or a property you must be thinking about garnering money for it.

You generally would take a normal loan for buying other things. But buying a property is definitely different.

Mortgage and Mortgage Calculator

The special type of loan is called a mortgage.

It is important to know all its details so that mortgage calculator – calculating and knowing itself becomes easier.

So, let us know as much as we may about it to get it clear. A mortgage is basically a debt instrument which is applied for properties. The person has to return the mortgage amount on the pre-determined time period.

The main aim of a mortgage is in purchasing a large real estate deal. Mortgages can be used by both an individual and even businesses. After the mortgage term period is over the borrower becomes the sole owner of the property. The bank may take away the property if the borrower doesn’t pay the entire money on time. A mortgage payment includes the principal amount and also the interest rate.

Common Types of Mortgages

When you go to an office or even search on the internet there are some common types of mortgages that you will come by. This will be quite different if you have a mortgage as the things may change around the world. So, here are some of those mortgages:

Repayment Mortgages

As we have told before, if you take out a mortgage you will need to repay the amount plus its interest rate to the person or company giving the mortgage. While taking out the mortgage you are able to choose a term period to repay the mortgage. Generally, people choose between 25-30 years so that they can easily pay back the mortgage. If you move to a new property within the term then an adjustment can be done by talking to the company. If someone repays back the amount very soon then they may need to pay a fine and if they are late in paying the amount then they may face other consequences.

Interest Only Mortgages

In this type of mortgages, the person has to pay the interest rate on a monthly basis. At the end of the term period, the person will have to pay back the whole capital they received a mortgage. In this way, they get the time to save up the whole capital that they have taken out. If they are unable to pay the money back, then the bank may declare foreclosure on their property.

Fixed Rate Mortgages

The interest rate is a big part of repaying your mortgages. The rate differs due to several reasons. But in Fixed-rate mortgages, it remains constant for the whole time period that is utilized to pay back the mortgage. It may remain fixed for 10 years and the person will be able to guess that amount that they need to pay on a monthly basis. At the end of the period of the fixed rate, one may see a hike in the interest rate. But they are eligible to apply for another fixed period.

Variable Rate Mortgages

As you can guess by the name this type of interest rate varies with time. The variability will be based on the current market. So, the initial interest rate may come out low but it may differ on the next one. Anyone who thinks that there is a chance for getting low variable interest rate may take this type of mortgage.

Flexible Mortgages

Some people are unsure about their ability to pay back the mortgage amount in a set period of time. So, they can take the help of flexible mortgages which allow them to pay as much as they want on a date. They may overpay to settle the mortgage. This also allows them to underpay on a date when they cannot afford the hefty payment. In this type of mortgages, the interest can be on the higher side.

Tracker Mortgages

Bank of England has a base rate for their mortgage plans. And this type of mortgage repayment follows that line of rate. As the base rate rises so does the interest rate and vice versa happens when the base rate goes down. The rate never goes down after a certain point but it may go up as much as they like.

Discounted Mortgages

In this type, the buyer gets a discount on the SVR or standard variable rate. Through this, their mortgage repayment becomes quite cheap. But with time according to the market, the rates can go up. The discounted rate last for about 2-5 years. So, these type of mortgages is good for people who may afford to pay a higher interest rate at a later date.

Factors that Influence the Mortgage Interest Rates

The mortgage interest rates are important to calculate mortgage and the re-payment. You need to pay them back on a monthly basis to complete your repayment of the mortgage that you took out.

Globally, several people take out mortgages but they are set off by the interest rates. So, let us know some things that can influence the interest rate that you may get:

  • Credit Score: Credit scores are an important part of taking out any loan. It applies to taking out a mortgage UK as well. The higher the credit score of a person, the lower will be their interest level. An updated credit score is an important step before taking out a mortgage. The credit score is based on one’s credit history. This includes their previous loans, credit card usage and payment history. It helps a bank or company to build a trust on the person.
  • Down Payment on the Property: Down payment is the price that you pay for the property before taking out a mortgage. It has been seen that people who pay a higher down payment often get a lower interest rate. This is because the bank or company thinks that you will diligently pay back their money once you take the mortgage. A down payment of 20% or more is best when it comes to taking out a mortgage.
  • The Location of the Property: When you are taking out a mortgage for a certain property, they will certainly have a look at the place. The interest rate may change accordingly. If you are living in a highly valued place then the interest rate may be higher.
  • Mortgage Term: As we said earlier, the mortgage term is the period between which the person promises to give back the money that they have taken out. Generally, this is 25 years but it can be higher or lower. So, based on it the interest may rise or fall. A person with a short mortgage term will often have a lower interest rate when compared to a person having a longer term.
  • Mortgage Amount: The principal amount of the mortgage will also be an important tool in defining the interest rate. The higher the amount the higher will be the interest rate. This is generally because a bank or company takes a higher risk when they provide you with a mortgage of a higher value.
  • Interest Rate Type: We have already touched on the topic of Variable Interest Rate and a Fixed Interest Rate. So, people who have a fixed interest rate will enjoy that value for the specified amount of time. But the one with variable rate may see some ups and downs based on the market.

Calculating Repayment of Mortgage

If you have taken out a Mortgage you will definitely need to think about the repayments that you are going to pay on a monthly basis. The case changes for interest-only mortgages, but here we are talking about the most basic type of repayments. So, let us see some ways that we can use to calculate mortgage repayments.

Mortgage Calculator Through Formula

A formula is often the easiest ways to calculate the financial necessities. Even mortgage repayments have a formula to it. This is the one that can be used for fixed interest mortgage.

The formula is:

M = P [ i(1 + i)^n ] / [ (1 + i)^n – 1]
M stands for the mortgage repayment amount that you need to pay every month;
P is the principle that you received the mortgage and that you will need to pay back;
i is the monthly interest rate that has been decided for your mortgage.
The interest rate has to be divided by 12 to get the i of this formula;
n is the number of payments that you need to do before you pay back the whole mortgage. The n is calculated by multiplication of the mortgage term with 12. For example; you have taken out a mortgage for 25 years. The n of this formula will be 25*12, i.e 300.

The calculation of interest only mortgage is very easy.

The Formula Is:
Loan Payment= Amount*(Interest Rate/12)
But the process becomes tough for Variable rate mortgage and other types of mortgages that are based on the ever-changing market rates. In that case, the mortgage calculator is the easiest way to help themselves to get acquainted with the future payments.

Mortgage Calculators for Repayment

Any software that you find on the internet can be your best friend when it comes to calculating financial matters especially, to calculate mortgage repayments. These types of calculators are found easily throughout the internet and have been made to support people who aren’t used to calculating the mortgage. This is particularly good for people who are having a first time experience with the mortgage.

  • These calculators take in all the necessary information like your principle of the mortgage, type of the mortgage, interest rate, term period to determine the repayment that you have to do. This makes it easy for you as you can keep a track of the money that you are spending or the amount that you need to save. Using the calculators is quite easy as you will just need to type. But be sure to use one that is secure.
  • These calculators are much more effective than just in the case of repayment. One can also find these types of mortgage calculators that can calculate overpayment and late payment attached to one’s mortgage. Again, the calculators ask for the specified information to help them calculate the exact amount. But always remember to use the calculator made for the specified area. For example: if you are from the UK use ‘Mortgage Calculator UK’ when you are searching for the calculator on the internet.
  • Financial Advisors or People Who Work With Mortgages:

As you are a client the place will be happy to help you about calculating your mortgages. But they may often take an extra fee when they are doing such sessions. So, people who are really worried about their financial condition should definitely visit these people to calculate their information about mortgages.

What is a Mortgage Calculator?

A mortgage calculator is a software program that has been coded to perform tasks related to the calculation of mortgages. Every one of us has used some kind of calculator or other to solve our mathematical problems. A mortgage calculator is nothing apart from that as they also use the programming and their potential to provide you with the value that you require about your mortgage. We have already touched the mortgage calculators that help in calculating the overpayment, re-payment and late payment of your mortgage. But there is another type of mortgage calculator that helps in knowing the mortgage that you are eligible for.

What does this type of mortgage calculator do?

This type of mortgage calculators helps you in knowing the amount that the companies will pay you the principle of the mortgage. It also helps you in knowing that if you are in a position to afford the mortgage or not. These calculators are often area specific because they defend themselves on the local information of mortgage. So, you will need to use a Mortgage Calculator UK if you are residing in the UK.

How to Access the Mortgage Calculator?

Accessing the mortgage calculator is very easy. Follow these steps to get done with the job as quickly as possible:

  • Type in ‘Mortgage Calculator’ in your search engine. Make sure you have a high-speed internet connection.
  • Go to the search list and choose the one you like the best. Make sure it calculates the mortgage rather than the other things like repayment or late payment.
  • Now check the website to see if it is secure or not. This is important for the safety of information.
  • Put the needed information on the spaces provided on the website. Keep your documents handy for this step. Also, recheck the information once you have entered them in the spaces.
  • Click on the “calculate” or a similar button once you have given all the needed information.
  • Now, keep a data of the answer that you have received. You may redo it just to check if there are any changes or not.

What are the pieces of information that the calculator may ask for?

As we said there are several factors that alter the mortgage or it’s the interest rate that you will receive. A good mortgage calculator always asks for several relevant things to make sure that their answer is the closest to the actual mortgage that you will receive. So, the information that they may ask for are:

  • Credit pieces of information like your credit balance and credit score.
  • Your income and expenditure like your gross yearly income and the usual spending.
  • Informations regarding the property that you are looking forward to buying, i.e, its location, the price, its down payment etc.
  • Info’s about any loan that you may have taken out recently.

Advantages of Using a Mortgage Calculator

People may often ask about the validity of a mortgage calculator. They may think that going to the bank should be the very first option. But it isn’t the case for everyone. So, let us see the boons of the mortgage calculator:

  • The calculator can become the first step of knowing about the interest rate and your eligibility for your mortgage.
  • It saves you from any embarrassment that you may have faced in a big institution.
  • Also saves the consultation fees that many of them charge.
  • Acts as a reality check for people who are looking forward to investing in a big property.

So, here lie some important facts about mortgage and also about a mortgage calculator. You may use any type of mortgage calculator that you like for your benefit. But always remember to run every information by a financial advisor. The market and rules regarding mortgage may change quite a bit. It is recommend to consult an advisor to handle the situation in those cases.

Mortgage Installment Calculation – A mortgage is a crucial financial decision of one’s life. Like any other loan, you will need to pay the mortgage back in due time.

In a mortgage, the person generally needs to pay a monthly installment of the loan that they take out.

Calculation and Installment of Mortgage

The payment is based on the principle; interest and also the duration that they have chosen to pay back the mortgage.

It is quite a necessary job to calculate the amount as it would help you in keeping the fixed amount on a monthly basis. So, let us see the easiest ways to calculate mortgage installments for your repayment.

Mortgage Installment Calculation Formula

Like any other financial deals, a mathematical formula is an easy way to solve the problem. But you will need to calculate quite a bit to get the result. So, the formula is:


M = P [ i(1 + i)^n ] / [ (1 + i)^n – 1]

In this formula
M is the monthly payment that you will need to pay as an installment of your repayment
P is the principle that you were paid as a mortgage
i is the interest rate of your mortgage. Your annual interest rate needs to be divided by 12 to get the i of this formula
n is the number of payments that you will need to do before you pay off the mortgage. This is calculated using you term period of the repayment multiplied by 12.

Now you can do your calculations on your own, but a problem arises if you have a variable interest rate or any other things that you need to consider. You may have taken a mortgage or in other places where the formula is different. An easy way to solve this problem is by using a mortgage calculator.

Mortgage Mortgage Installment Calculator

A mortgage calculator is a program that has been set up to help the customers in calculating their repayments. People who have taken out a mortgage should definitely use the mortgage calculator to get the best results. These calculators have the present options where you can give the values and they will give you the appropriate results.

With the help of mortgage calculator, you wouldn’t need to check again and again when you calculate mortgage repayment.

Most mortgage calculators have a very simplified interface where you can input common things like the interest rate, term of repayment and other things. They are a boon if you have to calculate a larger amount for a long mortgage term.

The convenience of the mortgage calculator is phenomenal and we cannot rave about it much. One other thing is that they cater to different types of interest rate and also different types of mortgage repayment plans. Along with these, the calculator may also help in calculating the approximate mortgage that you are entitled to your property. These calculators act as an initial financial adviser in your life.

Using Mortgage Calculator

To use the calculator you can input something like Mortgage Calculator on the search engine to get several options. Now click on the option you like the best. Meticulously put each and every value in their designated places. Remember to recheck it once before pressing the calculate button. We are sure that you will be greet by the best answer. Also, remember to calculate the thing often if you have an adjustable interest rate.

We hope that this has helped in knowing you about the options you have for Mortgage Installment Calculation. Always check the information with your financial advisor or mortgage agent to have the correct calculation. They will be more than happy to help their clients if they are facing any problems with their calculations.