Post Office Loans Review

Post Office Loans Review
Post Office Loans Review

Post Office Loans – Post Office Money offer loans from as low as £1,000 up to a maximum of £25,000.

Clients can borrow personal loan up to GBP 25,000 for different purposes.

The amount should be paid in 1-7 years period. The Post Office Money website offers loans to customers with online decisions being available to customers instantly.

Post Office Money Loans

The Post Office Limited is not a lender but a credit broker.

Whether a borrower wish to consolidate debts, buy a new car or refurbish house, Post Office Money, has flexible and competitive fixed-rate advances. Which will suit everyone needs.

For personal loans customers can access a ‘Fast Checker’ tool, where they can check their eligibility for a loan without impacting on credit history. Funds for personal loans available to customers as soon as the next day. Post Office Money claim no charges for over payments, giving the customer more flexibility with their repayment routine.


In order to apply for a personal loan with Post Office Money, the customer will have to prove that they have been resident in the UK for at least three years and are aged over 21 and under 70 years of age. Potential borrowers should have an income of over £12,000 annually, or if self employed must have been self employed for two years or more. It is vital that the customer has a UK bank account, as well as good credit history with no CCJs or bankruptcies declared. Post Office Money advise customers to ensure they are able to make the repayments, as missing them could incur charges and affect their credit rating. It is useful that the customer can check their eligibility with the Fast Checker prior to application, and the criteria is clearly laid out and reasonable.

Essential Things to Know About the Advances

The personal loans offered by the Post Office Bank are unsecured; they will not use any of borrower assets as the collateral. Instead, the lender will examine their credit to determine borrowers creditworthiness. There are a couple of personal advances that clients can borrow such as the car advance and the following;

  • Long-Term Advances.
  • Debt consolidation advances.
  • Holiday advances.
  • Fair credit advances.
  • Home improvement mortgages.
  • Quick Advance.

To qualify for a Post Office Money advance, borrowers have to be at least a three-years-old resident of the UK.

Post Office Money Loans Rates

Post Office Money offer, on their website, a representative APR of 3.1% on lending between £15,000 and £25,000. The rates may differ for smaller sums, and the customer’s personal circumstances will be into account when calculating the APR. There is a payments calculator available on the Post Office Money site, where the customer can amend the amount and period of lending to view an example of what their representative APR may be before applying. The example on the site is a sum of £7,500 over two years and the APR is at 3.5%.

The process for researching and checking eligibility for Post Office Money loans is easy, clear, and a useful resource for those interested in borrowing. The rates are reasonable, and the flexibility of borrowing amounts should suit many customers needs.

The Personal rates depends also on the amount borrowed. It will also be charging depending on personal circumstances and the advance terms. The interests are low; they start from a fixed 3.1% APR Representative on advances from £15,000-£25,000.

Post Office is a perfect credit provider where borrowers can get instant loans UK. It is wise to note that credit score determines the interest rate offered by the lender. However, with all factors put into consideration, clients can get a maximum of 28.9% APR.

Amount to borrow at Post Office Money

Clients, borrowing from as low as £1,000 up to a maximum of £25,000 which will be fund in to account in around 24 hours.

The amount of loan duration 1-7 years period. The lender does not penalize loaners for overpayment at the Post Office Money. There are several channels through which you can access these advances; you can use your mobile phone, visit their branch or apply online.

Do not hesitate to visit Post Office Money Bank whenever you need a loan at competitive interest rates. Feel free to inquire about the types of loans offered. After this, make an application and take control of your financial difficulty.