Divided Across The Atlantic – The European and US Economies

Although America is experiencing some growth under Donald Trump, factors like Hurricane damage and Trump’s insistence on promoting coal may mean problems for the American economy later on.

Trump might want to promote the coal industry but many people (including states of the US) do not and there is the End Coal campaign. With problems in the economy, no wonder investors may be looking across the Atlantic to Europe as perhaps a safer bet. (If you can get a safe bet in investment terms.)

How Europe Differs To America

Europe is not one country, so the European economy cannot be described succinctly. The best countries seem to be in the EU, but that might be the start of your problems as an investor.

Countries such as Ireland and Greece having been doing worse off than other countries, though this has improved since the 2008 Global Crisis and countries like Germany have grown in prosperity. With the UK trying to leave the EU the finances are at risk – it may not be a good idea to speculate in companies based wholly in Britain.

Where to Invest in Europe.

Probably the best companies to invest in at the moment are German companies. Car manufacturers such as Daimler and BMW would seem like a good bet, people always need cars. Chemical companies such as BASF may also see a return on investment. German property may not be the best place to invest.

Although London property is constantly seen as a safe bet Brexit may change everything, it may even be worth looking into finding cheap property in Eastern Europe. It seems that everything involving European finance is quite fluid at the moment, some people in Europe are doubting whether the EU can last much longer. Maybe spreading out all your investments in the only way?