WesBank Loans Review South Africa

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WesBank Loans – WesBank offers numerous services and products of finance.


Whenever you need, as long as you meet the minimum eligibility criteria.

WesBank Loans Review

Personal Loans –  You can borrow from R5,000 up to R150,000 with a repayment term of between 2 to 6 years with fixed monthly repayments. Borrower can also apply either online 24/7 or on phone. You have a chance to choose the most convenient repayment term for you. Even the interest rate of market hikes, you will continue to repay the same interest over the life of the loan. You also do not need to offer up an asset as collateral to secure your loan.

Vehicle Loans Review – You must meet the minimum eligibility criteria which means you should be 18 years old or older, be a South African Citizen or permanent resident, you should have a valid driver’s license and a good credit record and also you should earn at least R6,250 monthly.

  1. Buying a car from a dealer: The car you want to buy must be sold by a dealership approved by WesBank and should be worth R30,000 or more.
  2. Buying a car privately: The car you want to buy must be sold by a private seller and should be worth R30,000 or more. The car should also be less than 20 years old and should not be stolen or recovered. The seller should take the car to an approved testing centre (for a technical inspection) and ensure all outstanding License fees and traffic fines are paid.
  3. Buying a car on auction

Graduate Vehicle Finance – WesBank offers car finance for graduates without checking credit history. To qualify for a graduate finance, you need to be:

  • Under 31 years old
  • Have a degree/higher diploma obtained in the last 3 years
  • Proof of employment
  • Earn at least R6,250 each month
  • Have the affordability

You do not need to put down a deposit but a deposit can lower the interest rate you will be charged. The maximum loan amount you can borrow depends on your affordability (NCA) an the maximum payment term is 72 months.

How To Apply For a Personal Loan?

You need to meet the minimum eligibility requirements to apply loans in South Africa including:

  • A sufficient and regular monthly income. (At least R5,000)
  • Being 18 years old or older.
  • Having a good credit record.

Also, you need to submit the necessary documents including:

  • Last 3 months’ pay Slips or bank statements.
  • Copy of your ID document.
  • Details of your bank account.
  • Proof of residency.