Credit Simple Credit Check for New Zealand

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Credit Simple Credit Check | Check your credit score for free with Credit Simple. Credit Simple allows you to receive flexible loans.

Loans can be use for almost anything including holidays, home improvements, cars, weddings, debt consolidation and mortgage, etc.

Credit Simple Loans Review

They consider not only your credit history but also your future potential. To find the best possible deal for you. Which means you may be eligible despite of your bad credit report.

Interest rates of Credit Simple Loans range between 19.95% and 24.95%. And when you apply, if you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be approved within 2 hours. To get the best deal:

  • Must be 18 years old or older,
  • You should earn over $250 per week,
  • Not lived at more than 4 addresses in the past 2 years.
  • You have not had more than 4 employers in the past 2 years.
  • Agree to a credit inquiry.
  • And should be a NZ resident or hold a current work permit (at least for a year)

Credit Simple Credit Check and Loans

  • Personal Loans – You can apply online for a personal loan which can be used for covering your numerous expenses including holidays, home improvements, wedding and debt consolidation.
  • Vehicle Loans – You can apply online and receive the amount you need to purchase your dream car quickly. Flexible terms and affordable interest rates. You will be charged a low establishment fee and have a chance to pre-qualify for a vehicle loan. Even before you choose the car you want to buy.  While deciding the amount you can borrow, lenders base their decisions on several factors including your income, credit history, stability, deposit/trade, etc.
  • Business Loans – If you want to purchase a new business , a franchise or company vehicles, refinance your company debts or develop your company, you can apply for a business loan.
  • Mortgage Loans (First or Second) – When you need financing to purchase your dream house, Credit Simple will be there for you. Even if the bank you have applied for rejected your application due to your credit history or employment status, you may stil be found eligible and be offered a home loan issued by Credit Simple.

Top up Loans or Advance

If you are an existing Credit Simple client and need loan in New Zealand,  some extra money on your existing account for some unforeseen expenses such as funerals, birthdays, church, vehicle repairs, school fees, fines, unexpected bills, refinancing loans, debt consolidation, etc. Budget Loan may provide you a Top up Loan or Advance quickly after checking your payment history, security and updated income.