ABSA Bank Loans Review (S.Africa)

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ABSA Bank Loans – You can borrow from R3,000 up to R350,000 with a loan repayment term from 12 up to 84 months.

You will also be charged a personalized annual percentage interest rate up to the maximum of prime +17.5% and monthly service fees.

Type of ABSA Bank Loans

Express Loan: If you earn a stable monthly income, you can borrow from R1,500 up to R8,000. A loan repayment term from 2 up to 6 months. Express loans not only allow you to build a good credit record. But also helps you to cover your unforeseen emergency expenses quickly.

Instant Loan: When you need to receive quick cash, you can apply for an instant loan. Borrowing from R250 up to R5,000 immediately with a loan repayment term of 35 days.

ABSA Home Loans Review

If you want to purchase your first home, second home or buy to invest. Can always apply for a home loan issued by ABSA Bank Loans. Putting down a deposit. Or having a good credit record may allow you to be charged more affordable interest rates and fees.

ABSA Bank Loans Home: If you earn more than R23,000 , you can receive an ABSA Home Loan with a loan repayment term up to 30 years.

Loyalty Home Loans: If you are an ABSA Bank customer who wants to sell or buy a new house, you can apply for a Loyalty Home Loan and get 0.5% cash back on the value of your new home loan.

MyHome Loans: If you earn less than R23,000 , you can receive a MyHome Loan after submitting your 3 months bank statement showing the last 3 salary deposit.

Building Loans: If you want to build a home, you can apply for a building loan and start your repayments 9 months after registration.

Vehicle Loans – ABSA Bank Loans

Getting a car loan with affordable rates by ABSA Bank Loans to purchase your dream car. You will also be given several payment options which allow you to save on costs.

  1. You can pay a deposit to reduce your monthly payments or interest over the term.
  2. Can trade in your old car.
  3. You can make a balloon payment which means making a lump sum payment to have lower monthly repayments.

Student Loans

If you are a student, studying full-time or part-time. A educational institution, you can apply for a student Loans in South Africa to cover your complete study experience. This include your tuition fees, accommodation, books and equipment you need.