How To Protect Your Credit Card?

Credit card holder is not immune from its illegal theft of data, which can lead to loss of money from the account. This possibility can be reduced to zero if you follow the basic safety precautions:

How To Protect Your Credit Card?

1. Physically protect card

In most cases, credit cards are stolen along with purses, and so where the money is. It is clear that keeping a card in a hand bag.

2. Follow the map.

When shopping in stores, do not let staff go with your card from the angle of view. All payments must occur only in person.

3. Keep silence

Do not disclose PIN code to others. Remember that the password does not have the right to request sellers shops and bank employees. If someone or something other than the ATM and payment terminal, ask for a PIN code of your card – no doubt, it makes a crook. Experts advise not to keep the document of PIN code with Card, and immediately destroy it after storing or encryption.

4. Avoid witnesses

When using the card at ATMs try to avoid random onlookers who can peep pin or divert attention to during the completion of the operation to steal money or card. If you find an ATM queue or suspicious people, it is best to wait for a while.

5. Check the ATM

Often fraudsters steal card data with fake ATM or special devices that are attached to them. Use only reliable devices installed in stores, business centers or banks themselves. Treat with suspicion ATMs placed in the recesses. If there are doubts about the authenticity of the terminal, then call the bank to which it belongs, and verify its address. When you fear, avoid contact with the machine like that.

6. Purchase in reliable stores

Stealing data is often the case with online payments . This is done by viruses or purchases through the scam sites (some of them may be similar to the known resources). It is recommended to monitoring viral protection through special programs and a careful approach to the selection of vendors in the network.

7. Keep a few cards

One of the best ways to protect your money is to use multiple cards at once – so you distribute all sorts of risks. Suppose that one of the cards will be is a big part of the funds, and the other card for everyday purchases which may have a few money – this money is enough to shop online or in retail stores.

Using these guidelines, you will greatly protect your card from financial losses. Have a good shopping!