How To Close A Credit Card?

How to close a credit card and save yourself the trouble is the necessary things to learn every credit card holders.

How To Close A Credit Card?

Learn how to close a credit card properly! because this problem is often inconvenience to customers, especially when unscrupulous bank did not immediately reports that the card is not actually closed.

There you can read reviews on some forums on the Internet, as people “fall” with credit card and horrified how many mistakes they make! In the first place there is a view of psychological error: they put the card and forgot about the closing terms.

In this article you can get the information on how to close a credit card properly.

1. Close the debt card.

Well this is certainly a step banal, but it is necessary. Especially since you can not know that you have formed a debt. For example, if you just activated the card, but do not disable the default sms-pay information. Then you will be frustrating to know that you have a debt, which is also the interest accrued. So call or visit your bank to find out if credit card debt. And only then can cut it and throw … But it is better to give to the bank, if there is such a possibility.

2. Writing an application for closing credit card

Be sure to specify which documents should write to close the credit card. Some banks will need a statement in the other – can be two documents. For example, one on the closing of the contract you signed with the receipt of the card, and the second – to close the card account, which are lending money. This step ensures you almost 100% probability of execution of your decision.

3. Checking the execution of the application.

This step is performed 20 percent of all borrowers. To ensure your peace of mind. You need before taking the credit, get a copy of the application. And within a week after writing a letter to the bank where you took credit card and specify whether the closed credit card bill. Because the limit is not closed immediately after sending the statements letter, and for a certain period, which is different from the banks. Also, incidentally, you can specify it at a financial institution employees.

4. Take help to close the card.

This is the last step of how close a credit card. After the bank reports that your statement executed and closed the card, you will need again (do not be lazy!) Go to the bank and get a certificate stating that the card is closed.  And then you can rest easy.

Well that’s all. Hopefully, now you know how to close a credit card correctly to avoid any problems.