Do I Need Car Insurance?

Car insurance is an extra expense that many of us would like to avoid but is definitely not the type of expense that you should overlook because you can get in real trouble.

Do I Need Car Insurance?

So, if you own a car that you drive on a regular basis you should waste no more time and take interest into finding those auto insurance rates that will keep you safe while not putting too much strain on your budget. However, drivers that own cars are not the only category of people that need car insurance.

You should consider getting car insurance even if you don’t own a car but you frequently drive the cars of other people.

Being a licensed driver that actively uses its right to drive a vehicle it’s a source of responsibilities that you shouldn’t take lightly because at any time you can be found liable when involved in a car accident. In addition, even if at the time of the accident you were just a passenger you might still need car insurance.

Why You Need Car Insurance

That’s because numerous health insurance companies tend to not include in their policies the injuries suffered as a result of a car accident. If you want to be covered in such situation but not deal with extremely high auto insurance rates you should consider the possibility of being added on the policy of a family member or friend.

You also need car insurance when you lease a car. It’s true that you don’t actually own the vehicle but because you are the one driving it on a daily basis you automatically become responsible for insuring it. In this case you actually need to get full coverage because the car leasing company is interested in making sure that you are able to cover the car’s repairs if an accident occurs. In this situation gap insurance is also wise to get.